Facebook helps lead police to drug dealing at Lil’ Abners Motel

A tip from Facebook helped lead police to making a drug bust at a local motel. The raid led to five arrests, including a father and his two sons.

Powell County Deputy Matt Reed told the Times that someone had caught their wife using drugs and found out she had bought them at Lil’ Abner’s Motel in Slade. That subject then notified the motel’s management through Facebook. That is when police were called in.

Officers from the sheriff’s department, Clay City and Stanton Police Departments and the Kentucky State Police converged on the small motel at 1 a.m. Monday morning. They found five people either inside or hanging around outside of a room.

With consent officers checked each individual and the room. They found various pills and empty bottles. The empty bottles reportedly had just been filled less than a week before.

“They should have still had medication in them,” Reed said. “One of the men told us he was selling and so was his girlfriend.”

To make matters more interesting that man, Roy Dunn, Jr., 30, of Campton, allegedly told officers that he got the pills from his doctor and that his mother paid $200 for them. He then reportedly gave her half the pills for the $200.

Dunn’s girlfriend, Leona Terry, 37, of Campton, was also arrested. They were both charged with trafficking in a controlled substance first and third degree.

Police also arrested Dunn’s brother, Daniel Dunn, 41, of Campton. He was found in the room and had one and half Xanax in his front watch pocket. Also arrested was Roy Dunn, 73, of Lee City. Dunn was also in the room and police say he had a botle with a few pills in them. It is not clear if he had prescriptions for them. Both of the Dunn’s were charged with possession of a controlled substance third degree.

Police also arrested Penny Hall, 46, of Jeffersonville. Hall was just outside the room when officers arrived. Police say she failed field sobriety tests and was charged with public intoxication-controlled substance.

All five were lodged in the Powell County Detention center.