Cross installed at Wolfe County chapel, means a lot to locals too

Church-SteepleAnother milestone was completed at the Dessie Scott Children’s Home on Tuesday, Aug. 16, 2011 when a cross was installed by the Alvan Drew Alumni Association on top of the Louise Winchip Chapel.
The Chapel was built and dedicated in honor of Louise Lee Winchip who came to Dessie Scott Children’s Home in November of 1944 when the home was located at Little, Kentucky in Breathitt County and later moved to Pine Ridge in Wolfe County.
The Reverend David Rule who will give the Dedicatory Sermon has been very much involved in the life of Dessie Scott Children’s Home since the early 90’s.
Rev Rule who at this time was minister of the Stanton Presbyterian Church with the help of several volunteer members of the church began in November of 1991 to offer a one night a week Bible study along with conducting various activities for the children at the home.
This important service continues to be offered by the Stanton Presbyterian Church weekly at Dessie Scott.  The chapel was dedicated on May 2, 1999 and Brother Rule began as Chaplain on May 23, 1999 and continued until April 23, 2006.
The Alvan Drew Alumni Association has also been an integral part of Dessie Scott Children’s Home for 47 years.  Dessie Scott presently serves as an outreach for Buckhorn Children’s Home.
Alvan Drew School was established and dedicated as a Christian school in 1911 and was a home missionary project of the Methodist Protestant Church.  The Alvan Drew School closed in 1947 and the alumni returned to the Dessie Scott Campus for their first reunion in 1964 and have been coming ever since.  During the past 47 years the alumni association has supported the school in various ways.
The installation of the cross on the chapel is a symbolic and important gift since it speaks back to the original founding philosophy of the school.  The philosophy set forth a sound education fostered in a definite Christian environment.
For many years the Alvan Drew School did just that.  The standards set by the school are still very prevalent in the lives of the students who return each year to remember and honor their heritage.
The installation and dedication of the cross will be highlighted at the annual two day ADS Reunion on the Dessie Scott Grounds, Saturday, Sept. 24 and Sunday, Sept. 25.  This year’s theme for the festivities is “Sentimental Journey”.
The Alvan Drew School Alumni Association, in conjunction with the Dessie Scott Children’s Home, cordially invites everyone to share in the dedication of the cross which is scheduled at 4 p.m. on Saturday, Sept. 24.  We hope you can worship with us as we dedicate the cross to the glory of God.
The ADS Association would like to offer their sincere thanks to the following persons who gave so generously of their time in the process of the installation; especially to Mr. Raymond Banks for the use of the high-lift truck, cherry picker.  Mr. Scott Johnson for his untiring assistance; Mr. Steve Middleton, Superintendent of Dessie Scott Children’s Home; Mr. Steve Smith, maintenance supervisor Dessie Scott; and last but certainly not least Mr. Glenn Rissler and son, Carlos Rissler of West Liberty who did the actual installation of the cross on the cupola.
To all we offer our deepest appreciation and may God bless each of you for your time and efforts.  The Alvan Drew Alumni Association.

(Article  submitted by the Alvin Drew Alumni Association)