Three arrested after active meth lab found near Slade

Barney-BrewerFollowing up on reports and information is all part of a police officers job. They often use a technique called knock and talk, in which they literally knock on a door and ask to speak to the residents of the home. Such a moment as that led to the arrest of three people who police say were manufacturing meth.
Officers from the Kentucky State Police and Powell County law enforcement officials used that technique last week at a home that sits on the Powell-Wolfe County line. Inside police found an active methamphetamine lab. Police also stated they found drug paraphernalia items and precursors for making meth.
Three people at the home were placed under arrest. They were Barney W. Brewer, 49, of Pine Ridge; Sarah J. Manning, 31, of Campton; and Marlena N. Phillips, 25, of Campton. All three were charged with manufacturing methamphetamine first, unlawful possession of meth precursor first and possession of drug paraphernalia.Marlena-Phillips
“The address indicates Campton, but we checked it out and the property actually sits in Powell County,” Stanton Police Chief Kevin Neal said. “That is why they are charged here and incarcerated here.”
All three were lodged in jail under a $20,000 cash bond.Sarah-Manning