Two Stanton families lose everything in fires

Fire-1A Powell County family lost everything they had early Sunday morning after a fire destroyed their home. But the family was safe visiting family in Floyd County when the blaze broke out.
The fire at 202 Roberts Road just north of Stanton was reported by neighbors just after 5:30 a.m. Sunday morning.
Fire personnel from Stanton, Clay City, Middlefork and Montgomery County responded to the scene. The first responders reported that the house, which belonged to Sandra and Dallas Conn, was fully engulfed and one wall was already collapsing.
Neighbors were concerned that Sandra Conn may have been at work at a nursing home in Clark County and that Dallas, along with at least two children may be inside.
Firefighters attacked the blaze quickly and checked exit areas of the home like doors and windows to see if anyone was in the residence. They also had to work around a gas leak at the home, which they believed began after the fire started.
After nearly an hour and half, neighbors were able to contact the Conn family. They were safe at a relative’s home in Floyd County.
One neighbor stated that his security light was out, despite others nearby still working, when he got up at 5 a.m.
The neighbor, who did not identify himself, stated that he thought there may have been an accident that cut off some of the power. The neighbor also said he had seen the Conn’s carrying in some wood, as they were working on their home and had possibly done some rewiring recently.
“It was a quick fire and the home was fully engulfed, but we’re not sure exactly what caused the blaze,” Stanton Fire Major Mike Sparks said at the scene.
The Stanton Fire Department was called back to the scene again Sunday afternoon to battle a few hot spots that flared up. The Kentucky State Police were notified and will investigate the cause of the blaze.
Earlier last week the family of Eric Johnson lost everything when their home caught fire on Cat Creek Road. Firefighters worked the blaze for several hours and had some issues with having to pump water from Cat Creek to assist with the fire.