Police raid arrests four on drug charges

Thanks to a tip another drug raid has led to three family members being arrested last Wednesday. But then two others who pulled into the residence while officers were executing a search warrant were also nabbed.
Among the arrests were a business owner and a former deputy coroner. The raid picked up over 1,700 pills, $1,300 in cash and coins and led police to several storage units in Stanton.
Powell County Deputy Matt Reed used information from a confidential informant to gain information about drugs being sold at a home on Brittany Lane, just off James Crowe Hollow Road about four miles east of Stanton. In fact, according to police records, the informant used marked bills to make a purchase at the home before the warrant was obtained.
Reed worked with Sheriff Danny Rogers to get the warrant. Officers from the sheriff’s department, Clay City, Stanton and the Kentucky State Police departments joined in the raid.
Officers arrested Carl Hunt, his father Leroy Hunt and mother Deborah Hunt at the parent’s home on Brittany Lane. Officers found the pills, including percocets, oxycodone and various other prescription drugs. Over 100 were found hidden on Carl Hunt when he was searched by police.
Police records and an inventory list indicate that jewelry and electronics were also found at the residence. In storage buildings at the home, officers found four wheelers, an air compressor and various other items.
In Deborah Hunt’s purse police found several Florida business cards and a note advising of a pill raid that was to occur in Palm Beach, Florida. Also at the home officers say they found drug transaction records.
“They had a lot of pills at the home and some proof that they had been to Florida,” Reed said. Florida is a hot spot for the prescription drug pipeline that local, state and federal law enforcement agencies have tried to eradicate.
Officers also found evidence that the Hunt’s had four storage buildings at Pirate Town Storage and one at the Mattress Outlet/Elkins Street Storage. Deputy Reed and Sheriff Rogers inventoried the items found in the units.
Several guns were found in one unit, while items like snack and cold drink machines were found in others. Officers also found tools and building supplies in a few units. Carl Hunt reportedly is the owner of Wildcat Guttering and Siding.
While officers were at the home for several hours searching for evidence, police noticed a blue van pull into the driveway. “It pulled in, the driver saw the cruisers, so he turned around and took off,” Stanton Police Chief Kevin Neal commented. “It was a blue hearse.”
Officers went after the van and found it a short distance from the home, parked on the side of the road. The driver, Joshua Wells, was standing outside the van smoking a cigarette according to the arrest report. Wells gave police permission for officers to search him and the van. Police found three pills in Wells cigarette container, which he later identified as xanax. Police verified that they were in fact the prescription drug.
Wells was placed under arrest and charged with third degree possession of a controlled substance and controlled substance prescriptions not in the proper container. In February of 2010 Wells was arrested on drug charges, but was placed on probation as long as he completed rehabilitation at an out-of-state facility. At the time of his first arrest he was the county’s deputy coroner.
Wells was placed under a $10,000 cash bond and may also face a probation revocation hearing.
Later Vernon Shoemaker pulled into the residence and tried to tell police he was checking on a dog. Officers arrested him based on a warrant for failure to appear. His bond has been set at $250.
Leroy and Deborah Hunt were charged with four counts of first degree trafficking in a controlled substance, two counts of second degree trafficking in a controlled substances and three counts of third degree trafficking in a controlled substance. Both were also charged with possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia and having controlled substances not in the proper containers. Deborah Hunt was also served with a misdemeanor warrant for probation violation out of Fayette County.
Carl Hunt was charged with one count each of first, second and third degree trafficking in a controlled substance. Each was placed under a $25,000 cash bond. Carl and Leroy Hunt were released on Friday, with Deborah being released on Saturday. All three were placed on the MCR Program which uses monitoring devices and random drug testing, according to court reports
Carl Hunt, according to court records, is currently on probation after pleading guilty to trafficking in a controlled substance in Clark County. The charge was amended to possession of a controlled substance. Hunt was sentenced to four years, but it was to be suspended and probated for five years. He also had three cases of possession of a controlled substance in Madison County. But records indicate that all three were dismissed.
Police say that the cases against all of those arrested may be brought before the Powell Grand Jury. They meet gain in early April.